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Are you interested in supplementing your normal income without working extra hours?                    We can work together so that we both earn extra income.

Are you:
An Accountant?
Financial Planner?
Finance Broker?
Estate Agent?
Landseeker Properties work closely with selected property professionals as third party referral agents. We work with long standing developer clients to bring to you a hand - picked selection of properties for sale, through our Brokers referral partner network.

If any part of your business entails premium property investment opportunities for your clients, then partner with us. Your client always remains your client; we do not offer any other products or services to them and do not ever contact them without your consent. We value our relationships and take a long term approach. 

As a referral partner you will have access to our property information portal which allows you view and download marketing collateral, contracts and other documentation relating to each project on offer. You will also receive emails from time to time, such as new projects becoming available and construction updates, so that you can keep your clients informed.

When introducing an investment opportunity from Landseeker Properties to your clients you can rest assured that the key elements have been taken care of by us: Reputable Developer, practical and appealing design and very competitive pricing.

Our flexible approach and drive means that for every deal that is outside the square we work hard to find a solution to make the deal happen!

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